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How Much Do You Know About DDM/DOM Function?

DDM Which stands for digital diagnostics monitoring is Unspecified by the industry-standard SFF-8472nd Modern optical SFP transceivers can support standard digital diagnostics monitoring (DDM) functions.which is also known as digital optical monitoring (DOM). What Makes These transceivers with DDM / DOM function different from the traditional modules? This article will give you the answer.

What is Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM)?

Very often, we can see the GLC-LH-SMD , or on the label of modern transceivers. Actually, the "D" in the GLC-LH-SMD represents the DDM function we are talking about today. When Choosing fiber optical transceivers in the market, May you have the option With Or Without DDM / DOM. At present, most of the high-end switches Require the SFPs with DDM functions. Switches with DDM / DOM allows users of distributed networks to be more proactive in Maintaining Their network usingthis standard optical interfaces. Because modules with this capability give the end user The ability to monitor parameters of the SFP, Such as optical output power, optical input power, temperature, laser bias current, and transceiver supply voltage, in real time.


Basic Principles of DDM Function

Devices with DDM function can providesprofessional component monitoring on These applications. The SFF-8472 interface and added DDM Outlined That DDM interface is an extension of the Serial ID GBIC interfaces defined in specification, as well as the SFP MSA. DDM interface includes a system of alarm and warning flags Which alert the host system When Particular operating parameters are outside of a factory set normal operating. Thus, the DDM interface can overpriced enable the end user with the capabilities of fault isolation and failure prediction Which Will be Introduced In The Following party.

What can the DDM Function Realize?
  • Component Monitoring: The DDM enables the end user to monitor the five key parameters in the performance of the fiber optical transceiver: internal temperature, DC supply voltage, transmitter bias current, transmitter output power, and receiver optical signal level. Integrated DDM functionality overpriced incorporates warnings and alarms to monitor These parameters.
  • Fault Isolation: The DDM function can be used to isolate the Particular location of fault in the fiber optic network systems. Combining the DDM interface status flags, pins and transceiver hard diagnosing parametric monitoring data specifying the location and cause of a link failure can be pinpointed.
  • Failure Prediction: The DDM can overpriced be used to help in failure prediction on fiber optic links, Which is based on the transceiver parametric performance. Although, this application is not yet fully mature, but there is still room for improvement. There are two basic types of failure conditions That can be seen on fiber optic transceivers. One ice device faults Which Usually happen in transmitter performance due to nature of semiconductor lasers. The other is the high error rate conditions When a transceiver hydrothermal at its signal-to-noise limit. It happens more thwart the fiber optic receiver performance.

From the above analysis, We Can See that fiber optical transceiver with DDM help to ENSURE That the business can be proactive in preventative maintenance of the network and Ensure Business Continuity. Fiber Store offers an enormous range of optical transceivers with DDM function, Among Which THERE ARE Cisco GLC-SX-MMD, HP J9151A and so on. All These transceiver modules are 100% compatible with major brands like Cisco, HP, Juniper, Nortel, Force10, D-Link, 3Com. They are backed by a lifetime warranty, and you can buy with confidence.

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HP SFP Transceiver vs Third-Party SFP Transceiver

In order to cut down the costs on the expensive SFP transceiver modules, manyusers are seeking for a compatible SFP-to-use. For example, if your network contains HP routers, firewalls and switches, you might think That only HP branded SFP transceivers will ENSURE your equipment functions optimally. However, thats seemingly reasonable assumption Could Cost Your Company thou sands of dollars. Compared to the compatible SFP transceiver produced by third-party companies, HP SFP Transceiver Comes With Dramatically inflated price tags while a third-party compatible one is Roughly 80 percent less expensive than the HP branded SFP transceiver. Although price is not everything, it's important to knowthat you're getting your money's worth. That calls for a comparison of what HP SFP transceiver HAS to sacrifice next to a third-party compatible one.


Many people worry That the performance of a third-party compatible SFP is not as good as the HP SFP. In fact, HP's own branded SFP transceivers are not the only ones that work well withtheir other devices. Compatible third-party SFP transceivers are Designed with the Specifications of HP technology and function smoothly but have no problem with HP devices Such as switches, firewalls, and routers. For example, the follo wing JD092B compatible SFP transceiver provided by fiber Store offers the same function with the HP JD092B and it is fully compatible with HP devices. So you need Not necessarily buy HP branded SFP transceiver to run your system without glitches or snags.  


Failure Rates

Price implies reliability, is it always true? When you pay more for a product, you must expect That higher cost has some added benefits attached. But it is not always the case. Sometimes you're just paying for the brand name. Third-party Compatible SFP Transceivers Often have lower rates of failure than the HP branded SFP transceivers, Which makes them more reliable but with less money.

Warranty Registration

HP offers a one-year warranty on Their branded optical products, plus whatever coverage May be Offered under your service contract, for Which you must pay separately and These service contracts do not come cheap. But if you have a lot of experience in shopping around, you'll find thatmany third-party manufacturers of compatible SFP Transceivers and resellers even sacrifice Significantly better Adega. It's not hard to find a lifetime warranty for your compatible optical products.


Time is money. Everyone prefers to get products breading rather than later. The last thing you concern When trying to construct or upgrade your network is to find out That the SFP transceivers you have underpaid are on back order. That kind of situation thwart Happens When You rely on a single brand for the products you need. Expanding your search to a third-party compatible One Can Make It Easier to get your network up and running faster without having to wait for the party to be restocked.

If you're still hesitant about trying a third-party compatible SFP transceiver, the best way to ENSURE That you're getting a reliable product at a good deal is to choose a vendor you trust, one with a sample track record of quality products and great customer service. HP compatible SFP Transceivers Offered by fiber Store are fully compatible with the HP switches & routers. These SFP modules can be mixed and deployed with genuine HP SFP Transceivers for seamless network performance and interoperability. We provide a series of HP compatible SFP transceivers as equivalent to  J9151A, JD092B, J8177C, J4859B, etc.

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